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Korg W/01 PSU Mod for New Backlight LCD

Upgrading LCD was described elsewhere on the web, particularly well on those great websites:


Information found there served me as a reference for my venture into replacement of LCD in Korg 01/WFD. Here is the new LCD already converted, ready to install into 01/WFD.

New modified LCD for Korg 01/Wfd

New modified LCD for Korg 01/Wfd

Important part of the upgrade process is to provide 5V supply for backlight on the new LCD. The backlight on old LCD was of EL type and required 100V AC supplied from the inverter. Here is an easy 3-step process to modify PSU to provide 5V supply on the backlight connector for the new LCD.


PSU board before modification.

1. Desolder and remove transformer T1

2. Desolder and remove transistor Q1

3. Solder in 100 ohm resistor as shown on the image below.


PSU board after modification.

That’s it.

There is also a secondary benefit of this upgrade. By removing inverter transformer T1 – you also remove source of high-pitch, annoying noise. So it improves quality of the sound as well. =)

This mod should work fine on any Korg model that uses PSU P/No KLM-1530, like 01/W, 01/Wfd, 01/Wpro, 01/WproX.

Please note, I did test the output after mod to make sure that it really is 5V, and I strongly recommend you to do the same. Just in case. To rephrase – I totally take no any reponsibility whatsoever if you fry your box, or kill yourself in process. Have a fun.