Devuan FTW!

Being chased to the corner by systemd making inroads to many popular linux distros, just discovered Devuan, and enjoy every moment of it. YES. I did some effort to give a try with other distributions listed on sysdfree but ultimately had fallen for Devuan. Clean, elegant, and does what it says.

To those who fall outside the default mindset model of a sheep flock member – HERE you can find some good explanations why systemd is not good for your health.

If you would like to give it a try – grab live image HERE, burn it to DVD or make bootable USB and have a fun.

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2 thoughts on “Devuan FTW!

  1. Gus Fun

    Not once have I mentioned anywhere that Devuan doesn’t work or it is full of problems. It is through the process of re-engineering (9/2017-1/2018) their repositories and the response to criticism that I had problems trusting the choices that are not so obvious to the users. It is an issue of trust, not of functionality. Trust is very sensitive and relative but when you daily download code or binaries from someone that control your information, some degree of trust is essential. Once it has been breached it can rarely ever be rebuilt. On isolated test machines I still have Refracta-OpenRC testing and sid. They have been running like swiss clocks update after update. I just can’t use them on a daily workstation. Side by side I run antix testing and sid. It is a tiny bit harder to keep alive because it is more radically anti-systemd and uses a standard debian naming convention, so it is more sensitive to debian changes (like in policykit). A different approach but equally effective.
    Still light and functional nevertheless, and if sid is running fine anyone can conclude that stable is trully stable.

    1. pjw Post author

      Kudos for a valid input. Good reading. Will surely be testing.
      “On the other hand, systemd-debian would make a splendid Windows 11”
      Don’t remember laughing that hard for a long time. Made my day.


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