Fixing Roland VS-1880 [Part 2 – Faders]

In the previous part we have disassembled VS-1880 to get access to faders located on the Panel Board. Looking at the faders close-up below can see that most faders are not in the best shape (spill damage ?).

VS-1880 faders on the Panel Board close-up.

VS-1880 faders on the Panel Board close-up.

Decided to replace all faders, but finding replacements turned out to be a bit of a challenge,  Here is original fader pot removed from Panel Board:

Original fader sliding pot removed from VS-1880 Panel Board.

Original fader sliding pot removed from VS-1880 Panel Board.

Approximate measurements gave the following specification:

Slide Potentiometer 50k linear
lever height ~ 10mm
length 75mm
width 8mm
height 7mm
travel 60mm
side A pin distance 64.5 mm
side B pin distance 67.5 mm

It took a while to find replacement parts without paying exorbitant price, but the deal was – minimum quantity 50 pcs. Fine. Now I have enough spare faders for more than 100 years of moderate use. Lucky me.

New faders look real good, have also dust protection layer, and are the exact size of the old one.

Repacement sliding pot for VS-1880

Repacement sliding pot for VS-1880

Having new fader pots on hand, I have replaced all thirteen. Also from reading the schematic of VS-1680 (could not get a hold of VS-1880 service manual) that there are only two ICs 0- IC7 and IC8 responsible for reading the state of all faders. You can see them on Panel Board faders close-up in lower left corner. Both are 74HC4051AP, mux/demux chips. Since access to components on the Panel Board is not easy – I decided to replace them as well. So far so good.

I have assembled back VS-1880, Run diagnostic mode, test faders and… Nothing works. At all. Moving lever on any fader does not cause even slightest change of the output values. Hmm…

After some head scratching, when I was going to give up – a question popped out – did you compare pin mapping on old and new pot ? Nope. I didn’t, Apparently I have assume that it is some sort of a standard. Well, assume nothing – it wasn’t, Quick compare test gave the following table:

Mapping sliding pots table.

Mapping old/new sliding pots pins table.

Once mapped, solution became quite obvious. All that was needed was to ‘jump’ pin nr 5 to pin nr 2 on every fader, as in the following picture:

Shown jumper between pin nr 5 and pin nr 2.

Shown close-up of jumpers between pin nr 5 and pin nr 2 on faders 1-3.

This time after assembly all fader tests passed perfect.

VS-1880 diagnostic screen - faders test.

VS-1880 diagnostic screen – faders test.

Conclusion: if faders on VS-1880 (and most likely on VS-1680) start acting up and fail diagnostic test – almost 100% chance is that fader sliding pot need to be replaced. I do not think that there was any problem with 74HC4051AP.


21 thoughts on “Fixing Roland VS-1880 [Part 2 – Faders]

  1. joss

    Hi i need to buy 13 faders for my roland vs 1880cd.
    Can anyone help please?

    1. pjw Post author

      I think I have some left, but please make sure that they are exactly same as shown on my photos.

  2. F.Perez

    Where were you able to find that many faders?

    I need to replace my Track 1 fader and a lot of my faders look dirty like the ones in your pictures.

    1. pjw Post author

      I had to import this directly from the manufacturer. That is why I had to buy 50 at once as a minimum order.
      For a temporary relief there is that DeoxIt spray/cleaner, which works pretty well. For faders which were weared as badly as in this case – replacement was the only option.

    1. pjw Post author

      Since it is quite bulky, and prone to damage, best I guess, would be to find some established local business to do it for you. You could provide link to those pages as a reference. Important is to be very gentle with disassembly step number 2. Glue sticky top cover is easy to damage.

  3. danio

    I have a problem with a slider mounted on roland dj-2000 and I have to replace it, I can not find it and I ask you if you kindly give me the address where you found your hoping to find at least one … thanks

    here is the information contained in the manual of the DJ-2000
    it is a 10Kohm A x 2 82 P

    Part Number: 01451189
    Paer Name: 60M / M SLIDE POT. EWAQ36D20A14

    1. pjw Post author

      That woulkd be “at least” 50 =)
      From the look it seem like a prety standard size. But to get the source for your part you will really need to disassemble the unit, photograph and carefully measure dimensions of that fader. Part number is just an Roland’s own reference, and it only makes sense when you talk to Roland. Sorry for being obvious, but did you ask them ?

  4. Steven Pass

    Great job in sourcing the faders.
    Do you still have some left – can I buy them from you to fix my VS-1680 ?

  5. lukasz


    Masz moze jeszcze te fadery w zapasie lub masz jakies namiary na to miejsce z ktorego je kupowales?

    Dziekuje i pozdrawiam

    lukasz .p

  6. lanrosta

    Thanks for the great blog on your VS repair journey. I enjoyed it and it was helpful. Would you sell 13 of the slider potentiometers so I can replace mine in a vs1680? If not, can you please provide the source so we can obtain these in the future?

  7. Justin Garagolio

    careful with the Deoxit spray. I used it to clean some faders in a zoom r8 and the became very sluggish – sounded good, but they had a lot of friction. I read up and found out about – another De-oxit product.
    Fader Lube, DeoxITFaderLube Liquid, squeeze tube 100% solution 2 mL – F100L-L2C
    its about 8$ for a tube on amazon. and it restored the smoothness to my faders after cleaning them.

  8. Gareth Baker

    Hi There

    I have a VS2000CD with a broken fader, they look the same as above, same dimensions etc. Can you tell me where you got replacements from please as I can’t seem to find them anywhere.



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